Memorial Donations

The bequest is made in memory of a deceased person. Those who wish may have the Fondation Charles-Bruneau forward a card to the family concerned to advise them that we have received your donation. All you need to do is fill out the section of the form titled Contact information on the person to advise.

Donation by mail

You can make out your cheque to Fondation Charles-Bruneau at 4515 de Rouen, Montréal, Québec H1V 1H1.

Download the donation form here.

What type of receipt do you want?

What is the amount of your donation?

For transparency purposes, you may find the transaction fees that will be paid by the Foundation for each donation received below.

Gift amount ($) Transaction fees ($) Gift total ($)
20 0,65 20,65
50 1,25 51,25
100 2,25 102,25
250 5,25 255,25


Thank you!