10 for 2 = 1 - Because Cancer doesn’t take a break

This global pandemic is taking a toll on everyone. Family lives are impacted and so are businesses. Everyone is focusing on just getting by, passing the current wave, anticipating the next one and making it to the end with little personal impact.

In the middle of all this, it is easy to forget that cancer doesn’t take a break.

Even if a lot of progress has been made throughout the years in cancer research, still too many go through this terrible disease and we are far from providing the cure to all.

So, I wanted to remind you all about the importance of supporting Pediatric Cancer research.

The Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau was postponed to 2021, but we need action today to help reach our donation objective.

This year I have committed to riding 10 hours on October 31st the night of Halloween to support the overall cause and for two special 2 people.

The first is Noemie, 11 years old, who despite going through a few difficult years and last months has shown us the strength and resiliency of a girl that can truly inspire and win our hearts in admiration.

The second is a colleague and friend who spent the last two years on a long and difficult journey of treatments.

One battle at a time, you will both get there.

10 hours for 2 people, one cause.

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10-22-2020GenevieveCarriereBravo pour la belle solidarité! Noémie, tu es une fille forte! Je t’admire beaucoup! Prends soin de toi petite grenouille! Je t’encourage et te soutiens! Xxxx 20.00 $
10-22-2020Van ImpeThierryBravo *****
10-22-2020GabrielSansoneDear old Friend, always very honourable of you and for a very good cause! Gab*****
10-23-2020AnnieTranHi Leo, always admire your kindness .20.00 $
10-24-2020ClaudetteGingrasBravo pour ton implication, on va te suivre le 3165.00 $
10-25-2020PatriceBoileauBravo Léo pour ton engagement à cette cause si honorable. Bonne ride le 31 ‍️*****
10-26-2020DanielGraversenSounds like to spend some quality time on the bike to help out. 30.00 $
10-26-2020RuanMynhardtAppreciate you dedication for this cause Leo!20.00 $
10-26-2020JasonThomas100.00 $
10-26-2020KurtRamcharanBeautiful work Leo!!! 100.00 $
10-26-2020GinoGodin50.00 $
10-27-2020SébastienHuftierPédales fort pour moi !50.00 $
10-28-2020EmmelieBoisjolyMerci Léo pour ton dévouement à cette cause. Je sais à quel point elle te tient à coeur. 20.00 $
10-28-2020StéphanieCloutierFélicitations pour ta ténacité dans une si belle cause. Tu es un exemple à suivre*****
10-29-2020AyoubZahirGood job Leo keep it up !20.00 $
10-30-2020AnnieCastonguayBravo Léo, go go go :) 50.00 $
10-30-2020CleberMATSUMURA PIRES*****
10-31-2020Marie-LiseGingrasLet’s go mon amour! J’admire ton courage et ta persévérance pour cette cause qui nous tient tant à cœur! Là où tout a commencé... :-) Have fun! 100.00 $

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