Annual 5 à 7 « Beyond for the cause »

Join us for the Annual 5 à 7 « Beyond for the cause » supporting the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau

Organised by the BEYOND TECHNOLOGIES & PwC Cycling teams


Come support the 28 cyclists from Beyond Technologies and the 7 cyclists from  PwC that will ride from 50 to more than 600 km for the cause, from July 2nd. to July 5th.


What :

  • A 5 à 7 at the Marché des Éclusiers – Exclusive place at the heart of the Old Port of Montreal
  • A fundraising opportunity to make a difference to kids with pediatric cancer and their families
  • An exceptional occasion do connect with an engaged business community and to network
  • Drinks and fingerfood available for purchase from the merchant;


All your donations will go directly to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation


Entrance Fee : Minimal donation of 25$ (Tax receipt available)


Date : Wednesday June 19th. 2019


Place : Marché des éclusiers, 400 rue de la Commune Ouest, Montréal H3C 0N8


Time : 17 h 30 – 20h30




Buy a ticket: Press the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page and enter your name as a donor. The list of donors will serve as identification at the entrance of the event.


Do not forget to invite your colleagues and friends!  


For more information, please contact Leonardo De Araujo à



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06-03-2019LeonardoDe Araujo25.00 $
06-03-2019RealBoucher25.00 $
06-04-2019PereiraGevelson25.00 $
06-05-2019NourNofal25.00 $
06-06-2019SofianeAzzoune50.00 $
06-10-2019MarkMcDonald25.00 $
06-11-2019AlexandreGiguère25.00 $
06-11-2019samuelcastonguay25.00 $
06-11-2019ClaireLimido-Fourmy25.00 $
06-11-2019KenGiroux25.00 $
06-11-2019PascaleOuimet100.00 $
06-11-2019Paulada Silva25.00 $
06-11-2019GinaCassana25.00 $
06-11-2019AlessandraSouza25.00 $
06-11-2019MarianneScarfo25.00 $
06-12-2019HaTien100.00 $
06-12-2019GuillaumeVillain50.00 $
06-13-2019MichelGariepy25.00 $
06-13-2019JihaneIngels50.00 $

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