Golf marathon - Jone 14th, Victoriaville

We're organizing a golf marathon on Friday, June 14, at Club de golf Victoriaville & Club de golf Laurier. A total of 32 golfers will take on the challenge of walking 54 holes of golf in a single day! 

Following this endurance test, golfers will be able to join in the dinner at the Club de golf Victoriaville reception hall, where some 200 guests will be waiting. A virtual silent auction will also be held to help raise funds. 

Help us reach our goal of $35,000 in donations to support the causes we care about.

As many of you know, we've been involved in children's causes for many years. That's why we're dedicated to raising funds for various children's causes. We'd like to benefit the Charles-Bruneau Foundation (minimum 33% of proceeds), which supports the cause of children with cancer, in the hope that this can make a difference for other families. We also want to support the children of our region by affiliating ourselves with the HDA Hospital's À notre santé foundation, so that the pediatrics department can meet their need for two CO2 sensors ($9,000 value). And finally, we'd like to support the En Coeur foundation, which has been a great help to our family during difficult times in our lives.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance,

Samuel Houle (819) 552-8761 
Élie Houle (819) 552-0122 


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06-01-2024ÉricAuger275.00 $
06-07-2024StéphaneDubéMerci Vincent Blanchet pour ta participation et bon succès à Victoriaville.100.00 $
06-08-2024Jean-SamuelLabbé Côté275.00 $
06-08-2024VincentBlanchette275.00 $
06-08-2024DominicVigneault1225.00 $
06-11-2024ClaudeBlanchette40.00 $
06-13-2024guillaumeBergeron300.00 $
06-13-2024StephaneMarcoux275.00 $
06-13-2024StephaneMarcoux250.00 $
06-13-2024StephaneMarcoux25.00 $
06-13-2024AlexandreCaron100.00 $
06-15-2024RoxanneArmstrong100.00 $
06-17-2024AnthonyLacerte275.00 $
06-17-2024Pier-luchoule300.00 $
06-17-2024Marc-AndréBossé275.00 $
06-17-2024SamuelHoule275.00 $
06-17-2024Marc-AndréBossé25.00 $
06-17-2024DanyAllard100.00 $
06-17-2024Sarah-EveBoucher1000.00 $
06-20-2024DominicVigneault700.00 $

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