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I've been in the school photography business for over 15 years and I'm used to being around and making healthy kids smile, who are lucky enough to be on a typical school course. Thankfully my two children are also healthy and I thank life.

Occasionally, I meet some of the children who are going through medical treatments. The scarf on their head or simply absent for an indefinite period of time. I see that they did not win the lottery of life. No matter what state the child is in before my camera, I capture that ear-to-ear smile.

In August 2021, I was approached by Rock Robitaille to be involved as a guide on the 8th edition of the Circuit bleu. I was touched by the energy of the people involved, both the volunteers and the participants. The children in remission and/or undergoing treatment who were present at the event made us aware of the need to advance research in order to increase their chances of winning against the disease.

Join the Charles-Bruneau Foundation in its mission to give all children with cancer the best chance of recovery by funding research and supporting the development of projects dedicated to pediatric hemato-oncology. The Foundation's administrative costs are among the lowest in the world, which allows it to support research to the fullest. For each donation of more than $20, a tax receipt will automatically be issued.

Together, let's make a difference in the healing of children!

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09-13-2023Anonymous donation10.00 $
09-15-2023nadinewilson10.00 $
09-16-2023idreesbaksh25.00 $
09-17-2023MaryseVilleneuve25.00 $
09-17-2023SimonFaucherPagaie de Sylvain Trottier50.00 $
09-18-2023Anonymous donation5.00 $
09-18-2023CarolineFaucherC'est peut-être un petit don, mais on ne le dira jamais assez qu'ensemble, on peut faire la différence. Je tiens aussi à soutenir la recherche, car je côtoie un chercheur. Je vous garantie que s'il pouvait se consacrer uniquement à la recherche on avancerait bien plus vite, car oui, il y en a des solutions prometteuses, mais les faire émerger demande beaucoup de travail et surtout des fonds. Merci mon frère de t'impliquer pour une belle cause!20.00 $
09-19-2023FrédérickMarcoux25.00 $
09-20-2023Anonymous donation25.00 $
09-22-2023BERENGEREBLOQUE25.00 $
09-22-2023JulieThibault2.00 $
09-24-2023VeroniqueGareau10.00 $
09-24-2023NathalieMathieu5.00 $
09-25-2023Anonymous donation50.00 $
09-26-2023JaniceWopling20.00 $
09-26-2023Anonymous donation*****
09-26-2023nathalieotis25.00 $
09-27-2023Anonymous donation10.00 $
09-27-2023StephanieChiasson20.00 $
09-28-2023MartineLamarre25.00 $

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