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My name is François Bazinet, and I'd like to share my family's story with you.

On March 9, 2022, our little girl, then aged 2 years and 9 months, was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor, a stage 4 yolk sac cancer with metastases to the lungs. For this type of cancer, which attacks 1 in 400 children before the age of 15, the chances of remission were estimated at around 70%. We never thought that our child would be among the children to develop pediatric cancer. At that moment, we knew that our family was about to go through one of the worst ordeals that would change us for the rest of our lives. Waking up every morning wondering if our child was going to be all right, wishing he were comfortable, despite the four walls of the hospital and the multitude of treatments, tests and drugs he had to undergo to feel better and fight the cancer. Despite it all, the little one never ceases to amaze us with her joie de vivre and when we see her fighting like a champion.

After 4 cycles of chemotherapy between March 2022 and May 2022, and an operation (removal of the coccyx and tumour) in July 2022, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as our little one is finally considered to be in remission.

During our routine check-up in August 2022, we noticed a small lump in the groin area. The feeling of dread returned once again. After blood tests, the doctor tells us that the cancer is back and that they'll have to perform a much more aggressive operation to give the tumor no chance of returning (removal of the rectum and 2 vertebrae from the sacrum), as well as four more cycles of chemotherapy. This operation, performed in October 2022, will result in a colostomy that may be permanent. The chances of remission are reduced by the relapse. We're still hanging in there, because the little girl keeps showing us how strong she is through it all. She's having a hard time with the treatments, but she keeps smiling and wanting to play. In December 2022, after four cycles of chemotherapy and this operation, our little one is considered to be in remission.

At our routine check-up in June 2023, we learned that the tumor markers had increased slightly. At the time, we were confident that everything was behind us and that it was probably just a small virus. But a blood test, a PET scan and a biopsy confirmed that the tumor was back in another location. This 2nd relapse demolished us.

The doctors had a lot of questions and were still trying to find a way of treating the cancer without jeopardizing my daughter's quality of life. They've decided to opt for much stronger chemotherapy, which entails more long-term risks, but they have no choice but to go down this road, as it's the last chance before we consider living with the disease. We're currently on the second of 3 cycles of chemotherapy. We continue to cling to the chances we have left to get our little one back to health. Our family continues to stand tall and strong, because she has never given up and continues to show us that she holds on to life and won't let go. This little girl makes us realize many things about life. Despite her young age, she gives us life lessons that change our perception of things in general. She is now 4 years and 4 months old, and her little brother is one year and 4 months old.

To make sense of all this, and to make our story more positive than it has been in recent years, we want to offer our support to all sick children. That's why we're raising funds for the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, whose mission is to give all children with cancer the best possible chance of recovery by funding research and supporting the development of projects dedicated to pediatric hemato-oncology.

This cause is very close to our hearts, and we want to do it for all the little warriors battling the disease. So, as part of our Halloween party, we'll be giving away lots and lots of candy and soliciting donations for the cause.

Come and cheer us on:
At Saint-Dominique, in impasse de la Caillade

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10-19-2023NathaliePoulinUn jour à la fois mais j’en suis certaine que votre petite gagnera cette bataille. Je vous envoie des ondes positives Nathalie Poulin(agropur St-Hyacinthe)25.00 $
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10-19-2023ChantalTessierOn envoie des tonnes d’ondes positives à cette belle petite guerrière. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec toi petite princesse!25.00 $
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10-19-2023LiseBédardQue Dieu protège cette petite princesse pleine de courage xoxo30.00 $
10-19-2023AudreyBélisleJe vous souhaite beaucoup de courage et de résilience dans cette dure épreuve, gardez espoir.40.00 $
10-19-2023JennyLussierEn soutien à toutes les famille d’enfants malades et en encouragement aux remèdes à venir*****
10-19-2023KarineGardnerJ'envoie plein d'onde positive à cette petite cocotte 20.00 $
10-19-2023SylvieMoreauToutes mes ondes positives. Bon courage!25.00 $
10-19-2023SylvainBelisleBonjour! bon courage durant cette période plus difficile!50.00 $
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10-19-2023ClaudeRobin50.00 $
10-19-2023LaurencePépinTout la famille envoie des ondes positives à la belle Aria 50.00 $
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