TORONTO-MONTREAL #2 challenge for a cancer-free childhood

Last year, following the cancellation of the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau due to COVID-19, three cyclists, Frédéric Pinard, Leonardo De Araujo and Joe Horvat decided to take up a great challenge for the cause: Toronto to Montreal in bike in 2 days. They are back on the saddle with two new compatriots: Donald Robidoux and Sébastien Ferron.

Departure from Toronto on July 16 to Kingston and the next day to Montreal, for a total of nearly 600km in 2 days Here are the five cyclists who will ride together:

  • Frédéric Pinard is an experienced cyclist and himself a survivor of leukemia Acute lymphoblastic (1981 to 1990), he has participated for 6 years in the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau.
  • Leonardo De Araujo is a fierce cyclist and long-time participant of the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau, he sits on the Board of the Tour. He is also a sponsor of the event through his company: Beyond technologies.Joe Horvat is an accomplished triathlete and five times an IronMan finisher, long distances hold no secrets for him.
  • Donald Robidoux is a regular on the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau and is part of the Super-parents team. Sébastien Ferron enjoys taking on challenges and joins the group to achieve this feat for children with cancer.

They will all take up this Toronto-Montreal Bike Challenge to raise funds for the Charles-Bruneau Foundation whose mission is to provide children with cancer in Quebec the best chances of recovery.

ENCOURAGE them and DONATE generously for our children.

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07-08-2021DianeMartinC'est super ce que vous faites. Bonne chance pour le 600km!100.00 $
07-08-2021AngéliqueBrandTon implication et ton dévouement m’impressionne chaque année! Je te souhaite un beau défi ;)150.00 $
07-09-2021JulieBeaudoinBravo Donald pour ton dévouement pour cette cause! Tu m’impressionnes encore plus à chaque année! Bon Tour. Sois prudent !50.00 $
07-09-2021SimonRobichaudFélicitations Donald pour ton implication dans cette cause importante!200.00 $
07-09-2021SteveArsenaultFélicitations Donald, à toi et l'équipe pour votre implication continue! Bonne ride...Go Go Go!150.00 $
07-09-2021MichelSt-AmourFélicitations pour ton engagement dans cette belle cause. Bonne route!100.00 $
07-09-2021BrigitteCaronWow, tout simplement bravo et bonne chance !100.00 $
07-09-2021JacquesLemieuxBonne chance Donald!100.00 $
07-09-2021YvesRoyBravo Donald, tu es une grande inspiration, cette cause est si importante.300.00 $
07-10-2021JoseeTremblayMerci Donald de t’investir année après année ! Bravo et bonne route a tous!!!! 50.00 $
07-11-2021YvesRacine250.00 $
07-11-2021ryanemard50.00 $
07-12-2021FrançoisMarchand100.00 $
07-12-2021Julie-AnnelambertFélicitation pour ce beau défit.20.00 $
07-12-2021BarbaraMcKnightLets Go, on pédale pour les enfants! 20.00 $
07-13-2021PinetMartine75.00 $
07-13-2021Jean-FrançoisBélangerBravo Sébastien 100.00 $
07-13-2021ManonBelangerMerveilleux de voir autant d’implication! Félicitations 20.00 $

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